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  7. 2017

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  13. 2015

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  17. 2014

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  22. 2013

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  26. 2012

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  32. 2011

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  36. 2010

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  39. 2009

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  42. 2008

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  44. 2007

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  47. 2006

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  51. 2005

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  55. 2004

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  59. 2003

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  67. 2002

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  72. 1997-2000

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Book chapters

  1. Devillers, C.; Fleurat-Lessard, P.; Lucas, D. “Porphine”, the Fully Unsubstituted Porphyrin
    in Handbook of Porphyrin Science 2016, Vol. 37, Chap. 185: 75-231.
    Eds. Kadish, K. M.; Smith, K. M.; Guilard, R.; Publisher: Worlds Scientific. doi:10.1142/9789813149571_0002

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    Eds. Walker, R. C.; Goetz, A.; Publisher: Wiley, Link to Table of contents

  3. Jiang, T.; Boereboom, J. M.; Michel, C.; Fleurat-Lessard, P.; Bulo R. E.
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    in Quantum Modeling of Complex Molecular Systems, Challenges and Advances in Computational Chemistry and Physics 2015, 21, 51-91.
    Eds. Rivail, J.-L.; Ruiz-Lopez, M.; Assfeld, X.; Publisher: Springer, Link to Table of contents

General public articles (in French)

  1. Le Maréchal, J.-F.; Albéla, B.; Fleurat-Lessard, P. Quantité d'électricité et coulométrie: Histoire et Pédagogie
    B.U.P. 2015, 972, 403 - 419 Link to abstract

  2. Chéron, N.; Le Maréchal, J.-F.; Fleurat-Lessard, P. La recherche de mécanismes en chimie théorique
    Actualité Chimique 2013, 375-376, 91-97. Link to abstract

  3. Aronica, C. ; Fleurat-Lessard, P. ; Breteau, S. ; Vigier, S. Étude d'un système redox de référence pour les mesure électrochimiques : le ferrocène
    B.U.P. 2007, 101, 23-31. Direct link to free PDF

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